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Not really. But I saw that super awesome cake that many geeks would probably love to have for their wedding cakes. I know I would. I found this while I was out browsing for craft room inspiration on Originally it was posted on MAKE magazine’s website. It totally brings out the gamer in me. Now if only they had a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World cake! Now that would be a sight to see.


Right now, I’m in the running for the Product (Red) t-shirt design on Threadless. I need as many votes as possible to be considered for the cause. If you don’t know, Product (Red) is the non-profit organization that provides HIV vaccines. It allows suffers to attain a happy and healthy life. Many HIV victims are in Africa and they provide educational programs to them along with the vaccines. Right now they are trying to choose a logo to use for t-shirts for World AIDS Awareness Day on Dec 1. If you would like to vote for me, go to this site. You must have a Threadless account in order to vote but any vote that you can give me is deeply appreciate. And even if you don’t vote, I appreciate that you read this.

Three tiered silver jewelry

Sorry. I’ve been away for so long. Lots has happened in life. Much I would like to divulge and some I would not. Safe to say, that I’m probably back for the long haul this time. Let’s see so what kind of wedding stuff can I dish about today. Read the rest of this entry »

Most brides have dreaming about their wedding since they were kids. They dressed in Mommy’s makeup and high heels. They used a pillowcase or clean dishtowel as a veil. They slowly proceed to walk down the aisle to their Prince Charming. As they got older, they had picked out the jewelry shop that the ring would be purchased from. They memorized their ring size just for such an occasion. The day arrives and her Prince Charming presents her with ring, it’s a magical moment. The ring is perfect. It’s what she’s always dream of. Then he slides the ring on her finger and…voila! Then the ring slips of her finger. Shocked, uneasy expressions flash across their face. It seems like she lost some weight since her last ring sizing and the jeweler he purchased the ring from, only operates online. NO RETURNS! What happens now? Read the rest of this entry »

So now, you’ve attended a few bridal shows, registered with a few wedding websites, told a few vendors about your fabulous wedding date, and now your phone is blowing up. Every time your phone plays your favorite song, it’s not one of your friends inviting you our for a girlfriend luncheon. Oh no, it’s actually one of the vendors from one of the bridal shows that you attended. Every time the phone line opens up, you receive a new call from a new vendor who wants “to make your wedding easier.” You can’t grab a free moment for a breather. So how do you deal with all of it? Read the rest of this entry »

Dallas Shaw's Art of Schlemiel and Schlemazel

Sorry about the slight hiatus, much has happened in Jesse and I’s  lives in the past few days.  Jesse actually relocated to the same state I am located in, Texas. I just got a new job at a photography studio. Since most people don’t say “eek!” in the same sentence with engagement photos, I say it because I have not prepared. Read the rest of this entry »

The future hubby and I figured out that we would like to have a  late twenties inspired reception. And it seemed like possibility until we started looking at our options for speakeasies. Since my fiance is originally from the St. Louis area, we found a speakeasy there that we fell in love with: The Thaxton Speakeasy. Read the rest of this entry »

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