See Girl Marry

See Girl Marry

Posted on: January 1, 2010

Paula and Jesse's Engagement

Today completes my first week as a fiancee.  I have to admit that I’ve probably been in shock the majority for this first week. I don’t think that I really started understanding what being engaged really means. I’ve been on the outside looking in but being on the inside is a little surreal.

I have to admit, in past week, it seems like the people who are giving their congratulations are more excited about the upcoming wedding than I am. I can almost write the script; ” Congratulations, so have set a date?” First off, let me admit, I’m not like most girls. I don’t have a date hiding away in my back pocket.  I’ve always wondered how couples have a wedding date set right after a proposal. Is it more of the bride’s doing or the groom’s doing?

Jesse and I aren’t that type of couple.  When will we have a date? People, I’ve just started narrowing it down a season. Plus the wedding probably won’t happen for another year any way.

Pretty much being engaged gives me a reason to look at all the bridal magazines that I want. Now to just figure out how to come up with a budget for this wedding.


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