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Letterpress Craze

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Bella Figura Wedding Invitation: We Hope You Will Join Us

Have you seen those invitations that seem to look as though the design has been engraved into the paper? Yeah, well those invitations were probably letterpressed.  I have to admit that I do have somewhat of an inclination towards the art. Few know the art and it has only recently become popular due to wedding magazines  spotlighting the trade.  So in the matter of trying to save money, I’ve come up with this crazed idea to take up the trade.

That’s right folks. I’m going to take a class in letterpress. As of this moment I haven’t registered yet, but it is very liked in the never future. How will I justify the cost? Well it will balance out the idea of having someone else print 200 letterpress wedding invitations.  As a designer, I love learning new artsy crafts.  So it’s difficult to know make this wedding all about bulking up my portfolio and giving myself a dream wedding. Usually the budget brings me back to earth.

Here are a few examples of the Letterpress craft:

Bella Figura

Bella Figura Wedding Invitation Cursive Writing

Bella Figura Wedding Invitation Rebecca And Marc Kamionkowski

Bella Figura Wedding Invitation Restroom Icons

Elum Designs

Elum Design Blue Black Large Type

Paisley Wedding Invitation

Paisley Invitation with small type

Wedding Paper Divas

The class is at my local Museum of Printing History. Unfortunately at this time, it’s not local yet because I’m not back in Houston yet but it will be in just a short weeks.  In the mean time, to also save on cost, I’m considering taking a class in Handmade Paper. Apparently, they state that it’s easy to make from home. Hooray for cutting even more costs for this wedding. I just have to make sure not to get carried away. Also thinking about registering for a class in Color Marketing. I figure it could probably help with picking out the colors for the wedding.

Yep haven’t quite got around to picking that out yet. If I don’t have a date picked out yet, how could you think that I would have the colors picked out?


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