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My First Wedding Shower

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Ristorante Cavour in Hotel Granduca

Today, I attended my first wedding shower ever. It was actually alot of fun. My wonderful engaged friend invited me along to celebrate her matrimony. Of course all of us showered her with presents. Her aunts were actually nice enough to buy our food for brunch.

We were supplied with our own men. I love the fact that everyone was drinking mimosas (even though I can’t drink them myself due to my citrus allergy) and eating a combination of breakfast food and lunch food. It was at this really nice hotel called Hotel Granduca. You could tell that the hotel was very upscale and I would love to enjoy my honeymoon/brunch/shower/engagement party, but unfortunately due to limited moola… But that’s neither here nor there. I got a chance to meet my friend’s future husband, who’s extended family is also from my fiance’s hometown, and I also spoke with some of my old friends from my first high school.

On another note, I actually missed the Hand Papermaking course. So it looks like I have to wait it out until summer or fall semester to pick up on the course again. I did take the letterpress class and I will definitely upload the photos soon.

Excited because today, my mother mentioned after the wedding shower that she’s starting to visualize her outfit for the wedding. This is awesome! A couple of weeks ago when I showed her mother of the bride photos, she shrugged it off. Since we are just getting over a death in the family, that’s probably why everyone has been a little numb about getting things together for this union. But it’s not for another two years.

Next stop, my first bachelorette party! This upcoming week, I’m going to another wedding expo. I will let you guys know how that turns out. Apparently I missed the quincera/wedding expo. Oh well, I guess I better luck next year. In the meantime, as of last Friday, it has been officially a month since the groom to be and I parted ways for financial purposes. He believes that he will move the Lone Star state as of April. I will cross my fingers. My heart is growing fonder everyday.


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