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Houston Bridal Showcase

Posted on: February 28, 2010

Houston Bridal Showcase

On February 27, I attended another bridal show, my second. The event was nothing like the Woodlands show. There were some upsides and some downsides.

Since I like the bad news before good news….


1. The venue was overcrowded. People were bumping into me with their strollers, behinds, you name it. I thought I was going to scream and suffocate. I’m normally not claustrophic, after enduring that,  it makes me hesitate to attend another event.

2. Not many flyers or business cards. Each day, I’m starting to realize why so many people ask for brochures and business cards. When someone is overwhelmed with tons of information at an event, business cards and brochures are a must. Because once you get home and have a free moment to indulge in your wedding porn, it’s hard to remember who was who without a visual aid.

3. Not a very wide variety. Lots of photographers and videographers but not too much of anything else. Venues (which is pretty important, in my opinion) were not present. Lots of services offered but not many places to have the event. There also weren’t many coordinators or bakers either.


1. Fashion Show. This time I actually had time to see the fashion show. Mostly David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo were showcased. No bother, those are the two I’m mostly liking to consult about a dress.

2. Door prizes. Everyone had two massive door prize drawings. I didn’t manage to win anything during the first drawing, but I did win something during the second drawing. A gift certificate to a local steakhouse. Yum yum.

Expo, trunk shows and bridal showcases should not be a let down. Instead they should be fun. It’s where you can pig out on food, publication samples and discounts.


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