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Stars For A Day, Part I

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Engagment Photo Shoot-Candy Lips

If you’re like me, you’d probably had never heard of a engagement photos or an e-session before becoming engaged. Or as my future hubby states every time I mention something new about weddings, “Is this just another way to spend money?”

Not quite. It does cost money unless you win a free session or your parents are paying for it, but it’s not all bad. In fact it’s not bad at all. It could almost be considered a date in the midst of hectic wedding planning. You and your future hubby get a chance to spend your day feeling movie stars.  You get your very own paparazzi entourage for a day.

Engagement session is one you make of it. Have I attended one as of yet? No, but that’s why this is Part I. Part II is soon to follow. Most couples have e-sessions (engagement sessions, for long) because they want to use them as save-the-date photos. They either dress up or dress comfortably for the session depending on what type of mood they want to set. Some go for themed sittings since their weddings are themed. Others use engagement photos as engagement party invitations. Some couples like to take them for fun and keepsakes, so that they can remember this time during their marriage.

Engagement Photo Shoot for Kimberly Reed

In my case, my future hubby and I are engaged for long while (2 years) and we want to remember this time. Things I’ve learned about engagement sessions, that no one bothered to tell me (not even the photographer!):

1. Pick a location. Usually the couple is given two hours to walk around, have fun and let their inner children roam free. But once you meet up with the photographer, drive to the location and get into your groove, the photo shoot is over. So you want to make sure that you pick out your location ahead of time. Just so you’re not running around town looking for a place while losing perfect sunlight.

Chicago Cubs E-Session Kristin Vining

Beach Themed E-session by Lindsay Docherty

2. To prop or not to prop? Whatever props you may want to use in your engagement session, you want to make sure that purchase them beforehand. But it’s up to you to figure out how far out you want to go. If you want to have a clown themed e-session, maybe you want to go out and buy a couple of wigs and some inflatable bats. If a day at the pier/carnival describes your personality, bring along some over sized sunglasses and wiffleballs. Whatever you decide, it’s up to how you see it. Be creative, but don’t break the bank.

40s Themed E-Session by Kristin Marie

Bubble Love by Kim Le

Hollywood Hills Engagement Session by Tamer Levine

3. Strike a pose. Make sure to tell the photographer at the beginning of the photo shoot, what poses that you would like and what kind of photo shoot you’re envisioning. Because it would be a drag to get a lot of photos where you’re not doing much but posing yet you wanted something more creative. Remember, this session is meant to be a trial run for your wedding day. So if you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer, you might want to decide to go with someone else after the shoot.

Backseat Loving by Kristin Marie

Bicycle Love_KimLe

 Esession by Meg Perotti

4. Establish a time of day. Know what works best for you as a couple. Don’t schedule a morning photo shoot if your morning moods are reminiscent of Oscar the Grouch. Don’t schedule an evening shoot if you know that your location is difficult to reach in the evenings. Work with your photographer to schedule that works for you and your future spouse. Also, your photographer can suggest times and locations that give you good sunlight.

Forties inspired by Jose Villia

All in all, just remember to have fun. I know I will.

Photographers: Kim Le, Kristin Vining, Kristen Marie, Meg Perotti, Jose Villa, Tamer Levine, Lindsay DochertyKimberly Reed


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