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Speakeasy venues and such.

Posted on: April 9, 2010

The future hubby and I figured out that we would like to have a  late twenties inspired reception. And it seemed like possibility until we started looking at our options for speakeasies. Since my fiance is originally from the St. Louis area, we found a speakeasy there that we fell in love with: The Thaxton Speakeasy.

Thaxton Upstairs

The Thaxton Speakeasy is an underground club that is located in the Thaxton building in downtown St. Louis. The building was originally built in 1928 and it operates as a club during the weekends. There’s even a password that you can use to get a discount off of cover charge. Definitely a way to keep wedding crashers out.

The upstairs can service as a venue for the wedding service and early reception. It’s decorated with a number paintings and display windows. Then the guests can be ushered downstairs to the speakeasy to dance the night away. Sounds awesome, right? What’s the problem?

I’m a Texan girl. I just moved back home, so I want to have the wedding somewhere nearby. Yet there seems to be a shortage of speakeasies in the Houston area. *sighs*

So I’m trying to come up with a solution to try to make my wedding a one stop wedding for out-of-town guests and making it fun. Here goes nothing, so my only local option are (so far!): Majestic Metro.

I love the marquee out front and fact that our names will be in lights (not really, but hang with me). Guests will definitely know where the wedding is. And there’s lots of space. Not quite sure about the rental fee just yet, but I’ll find out. The only problem is the dance floor. From the pictures, it looks really small. And you know photos are suppose to make things bigger.  I’m the type of bride that wants to get down with my groom the night of my reception. Heck, I’ve paid for it, I deserve it.

I want to tour both venues. Unfortunately, the Thaxton will have to wait to Thanksgiving..err, I mean Christmas when we go to visit my fiance’s family. We have two whole years. We change our minds 500 times over before we decide on a reception.

Photography: Tuan Lee , Majestic Metro


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