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Eek! Engagement Photos.

Posted on: April 23, 2010

Dallas Shaw's Art of Schlemiel and Schlemazel

Sorry about the slight hiatus, much has happened in Jesse and I’s  lives in the past few days.  Jesse actually relocated to the same state I am located in, Texas. I just got a new job at a photography studio. Since most people don’t say “eek!” in the same sentence with engagement photos, I say it because I have not prepared. That’s right, for weeks and weeks, I’ve been trying to decide if this is something that I wanted to do. See, I won the photography session at a wedding expo (another awesome reason to attend those events), but since we just went through tremendous changes in the past few days, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it.

Now it’s the day of, the photographer has chosen the setting for shooting. It happens at 4pm this evening. I’m nervous because I guess this is something that has kept me stumped for awhile. It is easier to inspire others and do creative work for others than it is for yourself. I guess I will solve the problem… or I will cancel the shoot. Going through the same thing? Check out the article, Making the Most of Your Engagement Session.

Oh, also this weekend, we are sampling a hotel. I don’t this is a normal bridal preparation, but I’m going to make it apart of mine. I’ve booked a weekend at the Sheraton Suites.  Hopefully there will be wining and dining, fun nearby attractions, and of course, room service!

But make sure kiddies that this wasn’t a complete fruitless read, I found out that over at Style Me Pretty, they are giving away a work of Dallas Shaw. One of her  pieces is actually the post’s photo. Cute, huh?  Check out her work, then leave a comment to enter on the Style Me Pretty blog. Hurry chickadees, the contest only lasts until Friday, April 30!


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