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Wedding Correspondence…(or SPAM!)

Posted on: May 12, 2010

So now, you’ve attended a few bridal shows, registered with a few wedding websites, told a few vendors about your fabulous wedding date, and now your phone is blowing up. Every time your phone plays your favorite song, it’s not one of your friends inviting you our for a girlfriend luncheon. Oh no, it’s actually one of the vendors from one of the bridal shows that you attended. Every time the phone line opens up, you receive a new call from a new vendor who wants “to make your wedding easier.” You can’t grab a free moment for a breather. So how do you deal with all of it?

Don’t dodge the call. Answer the call and find out who the person is. They could be the difference between the mediocre wedding photographer and an outstanding photography sessions. Make a little conversation if you have the time. Who knows, by not answering, you could be missing out on a door prize that you won.  Get to know their product or service and then ….

Take a message. Vendors know that life happens. If you don’t have the time to talk, let them know. If they refuse to allow you to get off the phone, then politely  let them know to call you later or take down their number. Some vendors tend to believe that you are trying to dodge their call so they try to use the few minutes to give you a sales pitch. Even if you have the time available, if you don’t recall the encounter with the person, cut the call short. Give yourself time to muddle over the details and recall your encounter with them. You don’t want to give out personal info to someone you don’t even know.

Just say no. If you recall the encounter and you weren’t really interested from the beginning, then just tell them no. No keep playing phone tag or trying to hide from their calls. These are people who are trying to perform a business and sell a service.  Instead running you insane, you could instead let them know that you’re not interested and they can move on to someone else.

Overflowing box of wedding emails. Create a inbox or email address just for your wedding items. Make sure you check at least once a week (just in case there is a deal going on and you can take advantage of it before their contest deadline). Plus it will keep your important emails from getting lost in your mountains and mountains of wedding email.

In the midst of all the wedding insanity, there is a away to keep a clear head and still find the awesome vendors that make will make your wedding a dream come true.


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