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A Perfect Fit! Almost…

Posted on: June 16, 2010

Most brides have dreaming about their wedding since they were kids. They dressed in Mommy’s makeup and high heels. They used a pillowcase or clean dishtowel as a veil. They slowly proceed to walk down the aisle to their Prince Charming. As they got older, they had picked out the jewelry shop that the ring would be purchased from. They memorized their ring size just for such an occasion. The day arrives and her Prince Charming presents her with ring, it’s a magical moment. The ring is perfect. It’s what she’s always dream of. Then he slides the ring on her finger and…voila! Then the ring slips of her finger. Shocked, uneasy expressions flash across their face. It seems like she lost some weight since her last ring sizing and the jeweler he purchased the ring from, only operates online. NO RETURNS! What happens now?

Well it is still possible to have the problem fixed. How? Glad you asked:

Ask around. Go to few jewelers in your area. Ask for an estimate of getting a ring resized or having a setting fixed. Most times they won’t charge more than $30 to 35 dollars for a resizing. It’s usually $30 and up for resetting a ring. Most times they can fix it onsite. The changes can take anywhere for 2 days to 2 weeks.

Window browse. Most time if you get your ring redone at jeweler, they will work with you about your wedding bands. They be able to give you a discount or set you up with a payment plan.  Now your new and old rings will have a lifetime warranty by the same jeweler.

Appearance alterations. Maybe your fiance wasn’t able to buy you the exact ring that you wanted or maybe you actually feel in love with a new ring making changes to your current ring. Whatever the case, more than like the jeweler will work with you to move the ring up to a new setting or adding a new diamond. Again, they can go ahead and get you started on


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