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Uh oh, I’m back.

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Three tiered silver jewelry

Sorry. I’ve been away for so long. Lots has happened in life. Much I would like to divulge and some I would not. Safe to say, that I’m probably back for the long haul this time. Let’s see so what kind of wedding stuff can I dish about today.

Well I’m signing up for a sewing class. I don’t plan to sew my own dress or anything but hopefully it will come in handy somewhere down the line for the wedding planning.

Now what shall I call my wedding planning? At the current moment, I’m working on converting to Judaism. My fiance is not Jewish so that may lead to some roadblocks. Hopefully nothing that I can’t handle. Also, my fiance has decided to join the military. What to do? What to do? Should I have two weddings? A courthouse wedding and then a couple years later, a big shindig? Oh decisions, decisions.

At the same time, I heard that right now over at Southern Weddings magazine the girls are holding a Paper Fancy competition. The winner will be given a $50 gift certificate to use at Paper Fancy. The competition will end as of Nov 1.

In other wedding news, I actually came up on this wonderful find. A friend of mine actually makes jewelry and she sells it on Etsy at the shop called Jewelry By Blaire. She has some cute little pieces that would look beautiful with a rehearsal dinner outfit or engagement photos. Check it out!

And I had tons more to tell you guys at this time. But at the moment, it escapes me. Well I guess that’s for another post.


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